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Welcome all Anglican Churchmen


A  One Day Conference 2013

"Feed My People"

April 20th, 2013

 St. George's Anglican Church map it

227 Wharncliffe Rd., N., London Ont.

Hosted by the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen

Deanery of  MEDWAY



Presenters:  “FEED MY PEOPLE”


Glen Pearson: Glen was born in Calgary, Alberta and graduated from Seminary there. He worked in aid and conciliation in trouble spots overseas before returning to Canada in 1978.  For 30 years he was a London Firefighter.  Glen founded the London Food Bank in 1986, and remains a volunteer co-director with his wife, Jane Roy.  He also served as Chair of the Association of Ontario Food Banks.  He has worked in poverty advocacy here and in the United States, as well as continuing to do aid work in Sudan.  Elected to parliament in 2006, he served in the shadow cabinet in the area of poverty and international development, and continues to involve himself in efforts to aid the under-privileged here and abroad.


Rev. Gwen Fraser Gwen is a cradle Anglican who has taught in both the elementary and secondary school systems, as well as serving as a university lecturer.  Her degrees are in ethics, and she has worked in social justice for many years.  Ordained in 2004 as a Vocational Deacon, she oversees a large outreach portfolio at St. George’s, London.  In addition, she is president of St. George’s B.A.C.


Rev. Canon Ken Brooks Ken is a lawyer in the Legal Clinic system and since 2001 has been the Executive Director of the Elgin-Oxford legal Clinic.  His practice focuses on Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support program, Canada Pension Plan and Criminal Injuries Compensation.  Ken is a Deputy Judge in Small Claims Court and presides regularly in Elgin and Middlesex Counties.  In the Diocese of Huron, Ken is chair of the Diocesan College of Deacons, chair of the Diocesan Safe Church committee and a member of the Diocesan Social Justice Committee.  He is involved in a variety of organizations including Inn Out of the Cold (a winter homeless shelter in St. Thomas) and two local Conservation Foundations.





  8:30 am    -    Registration (with coffee, muffins, fruit)

  9:00 am    -    Morning Prayer (led by Rev. David Fuller,

                                                           BAC Chaplain)

  9:45 am    -    First Speaker, Glen Pearson

10:45 am    -    Coffee/Tea

11:00 am    -    Second Speaker, Rev. Gwen Fraser

12:00 pm    -    Discussion of first 2 presentations

12:30 pm    -    Lunch

  2:00 pm    -    Third Speaker: Rev. Canon Ken Brooks

  3:00 pm    -    General Discussion of all three presentations

  3:30 pm    -    Annual General Meeting of the Diocesan BAC

  4:30 pm    -    Communion Service with Installation of Officers

  6:00 pm    -    Social Time (Officers’ Mess, Wolseley Barracks)

  6:30 pm    -    Banquet (Officers’ Mess, Wolseley Barracks)


 NOTE:  Registration and Presentations take place in the

               Church proper, which is wheel-chair accessible. 

               Lunch will be served up stairs in the upper parish hall


Please bring non-perishable food donations - these will be shared between the food banks/sharing cupboard of the presenters.


Directions to St. George’s Church and banquet location




NOTE: If coming from the North on Wharncliffe, you cannot turn left onto St.Patrick. Either turn left on Empress, left on St. Andrew and left on St. Patrick and along to the entrance to parking. If you are coming on Oxford, you can turn onto St. Andrew, then left on St. Patrick and along to parking.

After parking, proceed west on St. Patrick and enter the Church by the first door. If you cannot manage stairs, go around the church and enter the porch door off the small parking lot to the south of the church building.



Proceed east on Oxford Street from Wharncliffe Rd., passing the Thames River and traffic lights at Talbot St., Richmond St., Waterloo St., Colbome St.and Adelaide St.

When you reach the first traffic lights past Adelaide, turn right through the gates and into Wolseley Barracks. Drive straight ahead until you reach a fence. On your right you will see a green awning over the door to the Officers' Mess. There are lots of parking spaces in this area.



Welcome all Anglican Church Men

BAC 2013 Conference


Registration Form

Please print this page, complete and send to the Registrar (Paul Cavers)
no later than April 8, 2013





e mail/telephone:_____________________________________________________


Fee schedule:  please tick one  

All day including banquet - $  50.00 ________

Conference only                   -  $ 20.00  _______

Dietary needs: ________________________________


I enclose a cheque made out to:    St. George’s BAC, 2013 Conference

Mail to:

BAC 2013 Conference
c/o Dr. Paul Cavers
33 Victoria Street
London, Ontario  N6A 2B1

Phone: 519-432-5047     e mail:  [email protected]

Please bring a non-perishable food donation to be given to the food banks/sharing cupboard of the presenters